what can you recycle? materials that are often missed

what can you recycle? materials that are often missed

Things To Consider When Recycling Aluminum For Profit

by Jessica Scott

Recycling materials like aluminum, copper, and steel can be an excellent way to make a few extra dollars. Knowing the materials and what is in demand is necessary when you start aluminum scrap recycling, but most recycling centers can tell you what they are looking for if you call and ask. 

Aluminum Recycling

Aluminum is valuable for recyclers because it is a nonferrous metal that can be processed and reused many times without any loss of strength or change in properties. This allows manufacturers to use a much higher percentage of recycled aluminum in the production of new metal, and aluminum scrap recycling provides recyclers with the stock.

Aluminum recycling centers buy scrap metal from anyone who brings it in, so you can collect material and then sell it for a profit when you have a large amount. The price the recycler will pay may fluctuate from day to day, so it is essential to call ahead and check the prices before you sell. If the aluminum prices are down, you may want to wait to sell to make the most profit.

Preparing Scrap Aluminum

Before you take any materials to the aluminum scrap recycling center, you should prepare the metal to ensure the best price. Aluminum is graded for purity when recycled, so any piece with other metals mixed in will grade low and sell for a lower price.

For instance, a window frame with steel screws will often sell as mixed materials, but if you take the screws out and sell just the aluminum frame, the price per pound will often be higher. Taking the time to sort the aluminum before you take it to the aluminum recycling center can have a significant impact on how much profit you make.

If you don't mind a lower price, you can sell the material mixed with other metals if the scrap yard or recycler allows it, but some will not take it unless it is sorted and clean. Painted aluminum will not be as valuable as clean or raw material, but it is not realistic to take the time to strip the paint off, and most recyclers will take it as is. 

Aluminum wire is also recyclable but should have the insulation or coating removed before you take the material to the recycler. The insulation can be cut away with a sharp utility knife and discarded with the trash. While it can take some time to prepare the materials, if your goal is to get the most profit from the aluminum you have collected, taking that time is the best way to ensure the highest price for the scrap.

For more information, contact a local aluminum recycling center.


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what can you recycle? materials that are often missed

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