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What Can You Recycle? Materials That Are Often Missed


Eco Economy Style: How to Recycle and Use Up Materials When Building a Modular Home

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If you want to purchase land, then put down a modular home; you may be able to get a significant discount on a professionally built home. Further ways that you can save money when building a home are to purchase a lot that is not cleared and recycle leftover materials from your home. Here is how you can go about eco-friendly and inexpensive home building through recycling and using up ordered materials.  Order roll-off dumpsters In order to separate construction waste and stack construction extras, you will need to order roll-off dumpsters from a company such as Lakeshore Recycling. Order a dumpster that is specifically for waste and extras and place it on one side of the construction site. On the other side, place roll-off dumpsters that are labeled for construction leftovers and reusable materials. Be sure to label the recycling dumpsters so that the crew places like materials in the appropriate bins. Have trees cut down and stumps pulled by hand Although it is possible to clear out a piece of land with a bulldozer and other construction equipment, clearing land by hand is a possibility that can help save some materials. If the lot is a residential piece of land that is relatively flat, you can use a chainsaw to clear out large and small trees. After you have cut down the trees, you can use a machete to hack any bushes and extra growth before you mow the construction site. After all of this is completed, have the stumps professionally pulled up and the ground filled and leveled as needed. Be sure to save the lumber and other materials that can possibly be recycled. Pour the foundation and accessories In order to utilize all of the cement that you ordered to pour the foundation, you can have other structures created during your home-building process. If you plan on building a garage, be sure to have the plan for it already mapped out and to have the foundation poured on the same day as your home foundation. This will cut down on drying time and actually aid the crew when they are driving pieces of your modular home to your home site. You can also use leftover concrete to pour a small walkway or to begin to lay the foundation for the pool that you want to add to your backyard. If you are building on a home lot that has no existing structures, you may be interested in adding a sidewalk and proper curb structure to the front of your home, as well. ...

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Don’t Let It Go To Waste: Recycling Gives You Money For Your Trash

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Take a look at the trash you throw away each day. If you’re like most people, a lot of it could be recycled. According to one report, Americans actually throw away more than $11 billion worth of recyclables each year. Some of that money could be yours if you were recycling all your recyclables. Sorting your garbage will help you get your share of the money that’s being thrown away each year. If you’re not sure what’s recyclable or not, take a look at the list below. Paper Newspaper isn’t the only paper product that’s recyclable. You probably throw a lot of recyclable paper products into the trash each day. Before you toss out any more paper, take a look at just a few of the items you could be making money off of. Copy paper Catalogs Phone books Junk mail Cardboard If you thought corrugated boxes were the only cardboard products you could recycle, you’re wrong. If you’re like most people, you have a lot of cardboard in your home that could be recycled. Some of those items include pizza boxes, brown paper bags, cereal boxes and shoe boxes. Instead of letting them take up space in your trash can, recycle them and collect some spare cash. Metal When you think of recycling, you probably think of aluminum cans. While they do fall in the category of recyclable metals, there are many other metal items that you could be recycling. Items such as aluminum foil and disposable pie plates can be recycled. When it comes to metal, you can even recycle your old pots and pans. Want to find other metals to recycle? Take a look in your backyard. Aluminum lawn chairs and window screen frames can also be recycled. Glass While you’re collecting items to recycle, you should also grab your empty glass jars. Those can be recycled too. Empty beer bottles, spaghetti sauce jars and even empty baby food jars can all be recycled. It’s important to note that before you recycle empty food jars, you should wash them out. Recycling is a great way to make some extra money and take some pressure of your local landfills. With so much money being thrown away each you, you owe it to yourself to grab some of that cash for your family. For more information on items that you can recycle, be sure to visit a recycling center, such as Main Street...

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Doing A Top To Bottom Home Renovation? Find Out What’s Allowed In The Dumpster!

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So, you’re finally renovating your home like you always wanted. Renovations can result in the disposal of huge quantities of waste–so much waste that you’re going to need a dumpster to help you get rid of all that trash. Before you rent a roll off dumpster from your local provider, there are a few items you should be aware of that you can’t put in your dumpster. Dumpsters are for throwing away most things, but not all things. Familiarize yourself with this list before that dumpster gets delivered, so you can make arrangements for the non-disposable items. Household Paint and Solvents You might be doing a lot of painting during your home renovation, and maybe you’ll be doing some paint stripping with solvent. Unfortunately, paints and solvents are both considered hazardous waste that can poison the ground and contaminate the groundwater. The only proper way to dispose of these chemicals is to take them to a household hazardous waste recycling center. To find out where the nearest recycling center is, contact your local sanitation department.  Too Much Concrete Most companies will allow you to dispose of concrete in your roll off dumpster. However, most companies also put a cap on the weight you’re allowed to put in your dumpster, because too much weight is just unsafe. If you’re trying to dispose of a lot of concrete or some other heavy weight demolition debris, contact the company in your area that deals with construction debris. There are ways to recycle construction waste that can keep that concrete out of your dumpster and also out of your landfills.  Technology If you’re remodeling your living room, you might be throwing out a television or two. Televisions are known to contain a variety of harmful chemicals that can do damage to the environment. Contact your local sanitation department to find out how to dispose of anything electronic that you might want to throw away.  Batteries Batteries contain a lot of harmful chemicals, including mercury and lead. When these chemicals seep out of the battery (and eventually they will), they can contribute to ground contamination. If your home renovation calls for you to clean out the garage or attic and throw away portable electronics, you’ll have to take away the batteries first. Luckily, there are a variety of locations around the country set up to accept batteries for recycling. For more information about what isn’t allowed in roll off dumpsters, contact a dumpster company like East Central Sanitation & Recycling. Doing this in advance of the dumpster’s arrival will give you the chance to make other...

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3 Ways to Put Scrap Metal to Use

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If you have a bunch of scrap metal lying around, you are probably trying to figure out what you can do with it. Recycling it is one of the best ways to benefit the environment and the economy. Scrap metal can easily be refashioned in a number of different ways to make sure the material doesn’t just get thrown into the landfill where it will sit for the next 50 years. To help you determine what to do with your scrap metal, consider some of the following uses. Home Furnishings Metal furniture often consists of metal that has been recycled. Not only is the furniture extremely durable, but it is also quite beautiful. Benches, tables, gliders and lamps are just some of the things that you can create from scrap metal around your home. Instead of throwing all of the excess metal into the trash where it will sit for years on end, you can turn it into something that can be used again for quite some time. Use different metals to craft a truly unique piece that is unlike anything you have ever seen. Industrial Use Metal is often used in construction projects like building a bridge or road. It can also be used to create aircraft, autos and various other types of transportation. Many of the appliances today are composed of scrap metal. With so many different industries using scrap metal today, it helps to cut down on waste and eliminate the use of natural resources. When using scrap metal, the overall cost of the product is going to be cheaper, thus saving the consumer money. Preserve the Environment By finding another alternative for scrap metal beyond throwing it in the landfill, you are doing your part to protect the environment. Recycling helps to reduce pollution in the air and water. Taking all of your old metal to the recycling center near you will help to put a few bucks in your pocket and allow the material to be put to good use somewhere else. Prices vary as to how much the metal is worth, but even a small amount can still put a little extra cash in your pocket.  If you can’t find a use for the scrap metal around your home or business, the next best thing is to take the metal to a recycling facility like Full Circle Recycling. You can protect the environment and create some of the most beautiful pieces of art...

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Commercial Pest Prevention Tips

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As a business owner, you know firsthand that fighting pests is somewhat of a full time job. However, with the right amount of effort, you can prevent pests. If you’re dealing with pests in your business, it’s important that you take action. There are a number of things you can do to accomplish this goal. Take some time to familiarize yourself with these tips to help prevent a pest infestation. Window and Door Seals Make certain that all of the windows and doors in the building have been properly sealed. Even a small hole is often enough space for an insect to enter into. As a general rule of thumb, if the hole is large enough for light to pass through, it’s likely large enough for an insect to pass through. This is especially true if you have something inside your business that is attracting pests, such as food. When you fail to maintain your seals, you’re basically inviting them in. Regularly inspect the area around your door and window seals to look for any loose parts or holes. Take the time to replace the seals whenever necessary. Drain Cleaning Contrary to popular belief, your drains aren’t always filled with water. In reality, this is rarely the case. Consequently, your drains often make a convenient hiding place for a number of insects, including gnats and crickets. Between food particles and the other debris that collect inside the drains, this offers these pests a feeding source. Eventually, theses insects will travel outside your drains and into other areas of the building. If you’re noticing a pattern of insects near your drains, this could be the reason why. Having your drains professionally cleaned is the best way to avoid this type of problem. Professional Trash Service One of the most effective and convenient things you can do to prevent a pest infestation is to hire a commercial trash removal company like E.L. Harvey & Sons. This type of service can help you prevent and eliminate pests for two very important reasons. First, most of these companies will provide you with a dumpster to neatly and securely store all of your waste. Storing your trash in a secure location and keeping the lid on will limit the number of pests you attract. A commercial removal company will also remove all waste from your property promptly. Instead of allowing your waste to accumulate, with this service you can schedule pickups based on the needs of your business. Make certain you are putting forth an effort to keep your business pest-free. Both your employees and customers will appreciate your...

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How To Protect Your Garbage Cans From Pests

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Are you tired of having to pick trash up off your lawn? If you have a garbage disposal service, you usually need to use specific garbage disposal cans — and these cans can become targeted by pests. And, unfortunately, if the pests do get to your trash, the garbage disposal company can do little about it. Here are a few ways that you can protect your garbage from being raided by these furry pests. Place Your Garbage Cans Immediately Before Disposal Your garbage disposal service will come at a regular time every week. Placing your cans just before the garbage disposal service arrives is the best way to avoid pests getting into it. Many people instead place their garbage out the night before, which gives animals ample time to go through the items.  Double Bag All Your Trash in Thick Trash Bags Yard trash bags are usually much thicker than conventional trash bags. Conventional trash bags will rip and tear when confronted by most pests. But you can double bag your trash in thicker trash bags instead. This helps in two ways: it prevents animals from ripping through the bags and it also masks the smell of the trash so that fewer pests are drawn in. It will also prevent trash from potentially being strewn about when the trash can is emptied by the garbage trucks. Keep Your Trash Cans in a Well-lit Area A well-lit area won’t just discourage pests; it will also make it easier for you to see when pests are going through your trash cans. You can usually place your trash cans anywhere along the curb, as long as it is the proper distance away from the curb itself.  Use an Ultrasonic Pest Deterrent  An ultrasonic pest deterrent can usually scare away small animals. These ultrasonic pest deterrents will make noise that will discourage them without hurting them. There is a downside, though: they usually don’t do anything to larger animals such as dogs or coyotes.  If the pests just keep coming, you may need to call a pest control service rather than keep battling it out with your trash. A determined animal will get into a trash can no matter what you do. You can’t possibly lock your garbage and still get it picked up by the garbage disposal service. Consequently, the best thing that you can do is simply try to minimize the pests around your area. For more information about garbage disposal, contact B-P Trucking Inc. or a similar...

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Is Paper Still Relevant?

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This is the era of cloud-computing and a trend towards virtualization. One might wonder if paper is still relevant. With those trends in mind, what does that mean for the document storage industry? Believe it or not, paper is still a thriving industry, as well as the storage of paper documents. In fact, there are document storage facilities littered all over the world. This industry niche continues to grow as people are requiring more secure storage for their information that is on paper. Some may turn to these services because there is the uncertainty of the security of virtualized documentation storage. Some might wonder, “Where does my information go when it is stored in a data center?” Therefore, document storage facilities have been a viable option for a variety of important documents. But, document storage facilities have had to keep up with the technology growth too, and have increased sophistication in the way in which they run their business. New Innovations As an example, many storage facilities utilize barcodes to track and store documents in their facilities. This system increases efficiency and decreases the times it takes to locate a particular document. A box can be given a barcode, and retrieved much quicker than digging through an entire warehouse of documents.  Entrusting a document storage provider with important documentation and material may seem like a difficult decision when there are so many factors to consider. So, here are a few things to consider when looking for the right one: Does this document storage facility have longevity and experience? Do they offer any customer feedback or testimonials? Are there any hidden fees or termination fees? What kind of security does the facility provide? Is the environment temperature and humidity controlled? How long do you need to wait once you have requested a document be removed from the facility? What Documents are Worth Storing? Individuals may be interested in storing a variety of different documents in a document storage facility as opposed to in a drawer or box at their home. Some of these important documents may including medical documents such as vaccination records, birth or death records, family tree information, and even important tax or business documents. With information like this, individuals want to ensure that they are choosing the right document storage provider to keep those documents safe and secure. In conclusion, paper is still very relevant, and many people are wanting to utilize storage facilities (such as Vital Records Control) for these sensitive documents. With any important decision, doing research is vital in choosing the right provider, the right location, and the right amount of...

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Where To Recycle Your Old Office Electronics And Equipment

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If your office is like most, you have a myriad of electronic gadgets and machines, everything from desktop computers to cell phone to office equipment like copiers and fax machines. As most electronics become obsolete in just a few years, it’s a rare office that doesn’t find itself with a mountain of unused PCs, monitors and other discarded equipment. Fortunately, there are ways these items can be recycled, re-purposed and kept out of America’s landfills. Most such items require special handling, but it’s not that difficult to find a recycling location for your old office equipment, if you know where to look: Where to recycle your office equipment Before you recycle your office equipment, you’ll want to make sure to erase all of your sensitive customer and company information. There are software programs designed to help you with this. In addition, you’ll want to remove all of the batteries from cellphone, tablets computers and smartphones. These generally have to be recycled separately. 1. Participate in a manufacturer’s program. Many manufacturers of large office equipment will pick up your old model and recycle it when they deliver a new piece of equipment. 2. Take them to a local retailer that accepts recyclable electronics. If you’re a small company, with just a few PCs or other items, you can take them to a retailer that accepts such recyclables. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency offers a comprehensive list of such locations. 3. Haul your items to a special recycling center. Another alternative for recycling your office equipment is to take them to your city or county’s special recycling center. Some areas have regular collections. In others, you have to wait for special collection dates. 4. Contract with a recycling service. One of the easiest ways to get rid of that growing mound of old office equipment responsibly is to hire a electronics recycling service. This type of service will come get all of your recyclable electronic equipment and find the places that accept all of the various items. It saves you and your staff the time and effort of dealing with this project yourselves. Recycling your old office electronics is the responsible thing to do. Not only can these items be used to help people in less-developed countries and/or to create new electronics, but it helps to manage the amount of waste that enters America’s landfills each year. It’s good for your company and good for the planet. To learn more, contact a company like Arcoa for...

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Cost-Influencing Factors For Home Demolition

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Thinking about starting from scratch and having a custom home built to suit your needs? If so, and if you’re looking to save money, you might be considering the option of building your new home on your current property. Of course, this will require you to have your existing home demolished. Before you decide to go through with this plan, you’ll want to be aware of the many factors that can influence the cost of a home-demolition project; after all, demolition isn’t quite as simple and straight-forward as you may think. Presence of Asbestos If your home was built more than a few decades ago, there’s a good chance that it could have been built with materials containing asbestos. Upon demolition of the home, that asbestos could become airborne, which can be very dangerous to your health and the health of the demolition workers. As such, your demolition team will need to test for asbestos before they get started. If it’s found, an outside team of asbestos abatement professionals will need to be hired so that demolition can be done safely, which will drive up the total costs of the project. Foundation Demolition Depending on the layout and footprint you’re considering for your new home, you may be able to save thousands of dollars by not having your existing home’s foundation completely demolished. Often times, demolishing an existing basement foundation can be quite pricey; removal of concrete slab foundation is less expensive, but can still add a pretty penny to your total demolition costs. It may be worth it to speak with your new home designer to see if you can work the existing foundation into the design as a means of saving money. Permit Application Costs Any time a building–be it residential or commercial–is demolished, a permit must be obtained from the local city or municipality offices. Your demolition company, like Alpart Scrap Iron & Metals Inc, should be able to handle obtaining and filing the necessary paperwork for you, but you’ll be responsible for paying any costs associated with applying for the permit. Usually, these expenses don’t add up to be much, but it’s still in your best interest to be aware of them, as the application costs can vary from city to city. As you can see, there’s a lot involved in planning to have a home demolished. As such, you’ll want to keep cost-saving measures in mind as you plan for your home...

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How To Make Some Extra Cash Recycling Scrap Metal: Metal 101

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There are plenty of people who make good money recycling scrap metal. Maybe you’re interested in how they do it. If so, the first thing you need to do is learn what you should look for. All metals are not worth the same. Some metals are probably not worth your time. Other metals are very valuable and can bring in some serious cash.  If you’re interested in making a little bit of cash, then the first step is to understand which metals you should look for. Here is an overview of the main metals that are purchased at scrap yards. Copper: The Diamond In The Rough The most sought after scrap metal is copper. It fetches the highest price. Because of this, it is also hard to find. You won’t find a pile of copper pipes sitting out on the curb. If someone does put them out for the garbage, the odds are an astute person will grab them up quickly. However, there are ways to get copper. It requires a bit of extra work. Unlike steel and aluminum, you might have to hunt it down. One method you could use is to offer to cart away debris from renovation projects. If you have a pickup truck, you can place an add online offering to cart away debris from people who are renovating their home. Often times you will come away with some old copper pipes or copper wiring. You should always stipulate a price to cart away the debris. Never offer to do it for free hoping that there is copper. You don’t want to show up to the site and end up carting away a truckload of drywall and tile without getting paid. Aluminum: The Next Best Thing Aluminum is not worth as much as copper, but it is more abundant. Many people don’t even know how valuable it is. You are much more likely to find aluminum sitting out by the garbage. Most people are aware of aluminum cans. You can collect these and redeem them for their deposit, or you can crush them and bring them to a scrap yard. There are other ways to get aluminum. If someone is replacing the gutters on their house, then you can ask them for the old gutters. Old broken ladders, bikes, and chair are also often made of aluminum. Stainless Steel: Bottom of the Barrel Stainless steel is not going to fetch as much money as copper or aluminum, but it is easy to find. People routinely throw out stainless steel items. Some things to look for include pipes, grills, old pots and frying pans. If you’re not sure if something is aluminum or stainless steel, check it with a magnet. One problem people have when they are first starting out is differentiating between stainless steel and aluminum. The magnet will stick to the stainless steel item, but not the aluminum. Talk to experts like White Recycling for more...

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