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Bio Ear   Topical Formula is an all-natural, high-quality liquid product recommended for sufferers of persistent ringing and buzzing in the ear.  Bio Ear features a proprietary blend of Bio-Chelated, concentrated herbal extracts that, when synergistically combined, have been shown to help relieve the ringing, buzzing and noise, by nourishing nerve endings in the ear and gently improving circulation. 

Though not a cure, Bio Ear, when used regularly, over time, has been shown approximately 91% of the time to alleviate symptoms as reported by tinnitus sufferers in both the United States and Europe.   Details...


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According to the Better Hearing Institute almost 40,000 adults suffer from Tinnitus.  But today, it is no longer a problem.  More than 20 years ago there was nothing that could be done to help. Then an unbelievable product was discovered...Now you can have our high quality Bio Ear Tinnitus Relief Formula delivered right to your door.

100% Money Back Guarantee!  If you are not fully satisfied with your purchase, return it via mail within 60 days from purchase date.  Bio Products LTD offers a full refund for the first 1/2 oz. Bottle. Refund is based on your method of payment.


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