what can you recycle? materials that are often missed

what can you recycle? materials that are often missed

Hire The Right Waste Disposal Company To Handle Your Hazardous Construction Waste

by Jessica Scott

If you have a construction company, the odds are pretty good that you are going to run into hazardous waste at some point or another. Things like mercury from old thermostats, asbestos insulation, and even certain kinds of plastic are all hazardous waste and can all be problems for you when you are trying to dispose of the waste generated on your construction site. You need to make sure that you are handling all that hazardous waste correctly for several reasons, including the fact that you could end up with large fines which can really hurt your bottom line. The best way to deal with this problem is to work with a waste disposal company that handles hazardous construction waste. There are several reasons why you should go this route. 


One reason is that companies who handle this kind of waste generally need some kind of license to deal with it. During the licensing procedure, the company should have to demonstrate that they know the correct way to handle these hazardous materials as soon as the materials are in the company's possession. That handling means the physical handling that the materials have to go through in order to get loaded and unloaded, as well as knowing what it takes to transport the materials. Once the materials have been transported, the company should also have to show that they know how to dispose of them in order to get their license. Licensing may also be necessary for the waste disposal company to have access to the disposal sites. 

Protective Equipment

Some hazardous materials can be very dangerous to handle. Things like asbestos can shed small fibers that get everywhere. People can then inhale those fibers, and they can end up with some serious respiratory problems. The right protective equipment can be as simple as a mask or respirator that will help to block out the asbestos fibers so that no one inhales them. In other cases, the protective equipment may include things like protective suits, full face masks, and thick disposable gloves. A waste disposal company that handles all kinds of hazardous construction waste is going to have that kind of protective clothing on hand and know when it needs to get used. They should also be able to dispose of it correctly. 

If you have a construction site that has hazardous waste, you need to make sure that you hire a waste disposal company that can dispose of hazardous waste safely and correctly. 


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what can you recycle? materials that are often missed

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