what can you recycle? materials that are often missed

what can you recycle? materials that are often missed

Eco Economy Style: How to Recycle and Use Up Materials When Building a Modular Home

by Jessica Scott

If you want to purchase land, then put down a modular home; you may be able to get a significant discount on a professionally built home. Further ways that you can save money when building a home are to purchase a lot that is not cleared and recycle leftover materials from your home. Here is how you can go about eco-friendly and inexpensive home building through recycling and using up ordered materials. 

Order roll-off dumpsters

In order to separate construction waste and stack construction extras, you will need to order roll-off dumpsters from a company such as Lakeshore Recycling. Order a dumpster that is specifically for waste and extras and place it on one side of the construction site. On the other side, place roll-off dumpsters that are labeled for construction leftovers and reusable materials. Be sure to label the recycling dumpsters so that the crew places like materials in the appropriate bins.

Have trees cut down and stumps pulled by hand

Although it is possible to clear out a piece of land with a bulldozer and other construction equipment, clearing land by hand is a possibility that can help save some materials. If the lot is a residential piece of land that is relatively flat, you can use a chainsaw to clear out large and small trees. After you have cut down the trees, you can use a machete to hack any bushes and extra growth before you mow the construction site. After all of this is completed, have the stumps professionally pulled up and the ground filled and leveled as needed. Be sure to save the lumber and other materials that can possibly be recycled.

Pour the foundation and accessories

In order to utilize all of the cement that you ordered to pour the foundation, you can have other structures created during your home-building process. If you plan on building a garage, be sure to have the plan for it already mapped out and to have the foundation poured on the same day as your home foundation. This will cut down on drying time and actually aid the crew when they are driving pieces of your modular home to your home site. You can also use leftover concrete to pour a small walkway or to begin to lay the foundation for the pool that you want to add to your backyard. If you are building on a home lot that has no existing structures, you may be interested in adding a sidewalk and proper curb structure to the front of your home, as well. 



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what can you recycle? materials that are often missed

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