what can you recycle? materials that are often missed

what can you recycle? materials that are often missed

How To Protect Your Garbage Cans From Pests

by Jessica Scott

Are you tired of having to pick trash up off your lawn? If you have a garbage disposal service, you usually need to use specific garbage disposal cans -- and these cans can become targeted by pests. And, unfortunately, if the pests do get to your trash, the garbage disposal company can do little about it. Here are a few ways that you can protect your garbage from being raided by these furry pests.

Place Your Garbage Cans Immediately Before Disposal

Your garbage disposal service will come at a regular time every week. Placing your cans just before the garbage disposal service arrives is the best way to avoid pests getting into it. Many people instead place their garbage out the night before, which gives animals ample time to go through the items. 

Double Bag All Your Trash in Thick Trash Bags

Yard trash bags are usually much thicker than conventional trash bags. Conventional trash bags will rip and tear when confronted by most pests. But you can double bag your trash in thicker trash bags instead. This helps in two ways: it prevents animals from ripping through the bags and it also masks the smell of the trash so that fewer pests are drawn in. It will also prevent trash from potentially being strewn about when the trash can is emptied by the garbage trucks.

Keep Your Trash Cans in a Well-lit Area

A well-lit area won't just discourage pests; it will also make it easier for you to see when pests are going through your trash cans. You can usually place your trash cans anywhere along the curb, as long as it is the proper distance away from the curb itself. 

Use an Ultrasonic Pest Deterrent 

An ultrasonic pest deterrent can usually scare away small animals. These ultrasonic pest deterrents will make noise that will discourage them without hurting them. There is a downside, though: they usually don't do anything to larger animals such as dogs or coyotes. 

If the pests just keep coming, you may need to call a pest control service rather than keep battling it out with your trash. A determined animal will get into a trash can no matter what you do. You can't possibly lock your garbage and still get it picked up by the garbage disposal service. Consequently, the best thing that you can do is simply try to minimize the pests around your area.

For more information about garbage disposal, contact B-P Trucking Inc. or a similar company.


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what can you recycle? materials that are often missed

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